The 36 Strategies

Strategies for Attack


Test Your Enemy To Reveal His Strategy

Beat The Grass To Startle The Snake

Means when you don't know what your enemy is up to, you first must launch a direct but weak attack, to observe the reactions of your enemy and that will reveals his strategy and that leads to victory.


Use A Forgotten Strategy To Surprise Originally

Raise A Corpse From The Dead

Means that you have to re-use a forgotten or unused institution, technology, method or strategy to launch an original surprise attack to your enemy and that leads to victory.


Separate Their Power-Source To Fill Your Advantage-Source

Lure The Tiger Out Of The Mountain

Means that you never must attack an strong enemy directly, but first you have to lure him away from his source of strength and then take advantage of your own source of power and then attack your enemy and that leads to victory.


Give A Chance To Your Enemy To Give A Chance For Perfect Victory

To Catch Something, First Let It Go

Means that you first have to give hope to your desperate enemy when they are surrounded and want to launch a final desperate attack. Then the enemy will rather flee than fight on. Then when you again prove that your enemy really can't escape, he will be afraid and will surrender without a fight. Then you will win WITHOUT fighting that leads to the perfect victory.


Lure Your Enemy To Trap With Victory

Cast A Brick To Attract A Gem

Means that you first have to prepare a trap and lure your enemy into it by using bait. In war the bait is an opportunity to take and in life the bait is sex, wealth and power to have. By using the bait; your enemy will fall into your trap and that leads to victory.


Take Out One Main Enemy To Take Out Your Whole Enemy

To Catch The Bandits First Capture Their Leader

Means that you first have to take out the leader of your strong enemy. After that; your whole enemy will lose the fighting spirit and will flee or surrender and will defect to your side and that leads to a great victory.



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