The 36 Strategies

Strategies for Confrontation


Trick Your Enemy To Attack Surprisely

Create Something Out Of Nothing

Means that you have to trick your enemy by 'making something of nothing'. After two times being tricked, the enemy will believe the third time is also a trick. Then you can actually attacking for real on the third time to surprise your enemy and that leads the victory.


Weak-Attack Openly, Strong-Attack Secretly

Advance To Chencang By A Hidden Path

Means that you have to attack on two ways. First is to attack direct, but with less power and second is to attack indirect, but with much power, so that the enemy does not expect that. That will lead him lead into confusion and that leads to your victory.


Wait For Exhausting, Prepare For Attacking

Watch The Fire On The Opposite Shore

Means that you first have to wait for all the players have become exhausted by fighting amongst themselves. Meanwhile build up your own strength. After the players are all exhausted, you will attack with full strength that leads to victory.


Gain Trusting To Attack Surprising

Hide Your Dagger Behind A Smile

Means that you first must do anything to gain your enemy's trust. After that you can turn against him and launch a surprise attack in secret that leads to victory.


Sacrifice The Short-Term To Gain The Long-Term

Sacrifice The Plum For The Peach

Means that someone or something have to be sacrificed to advance or to rescue the whole army or leader. Sacrificing less important persons or things can, soon or later, lead to an counterattack that leads to victory.


Take Possible Chances For Impossible Advances

Seize The Opportunity To Lead A Sheep Away

Means that you always have to be alert and flexible to take any possible chances or opportunities. Then you always will gain advantages for advancing and that leads to victory.



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