The 36 Strategies

Strategies for Confused Situations


Attack The Power Source And Victory Is Yours

Steal The Firewood From Under The Pot

Means that when you have to fight a too powerful enemy, you first must weaken your enemy by detecting and taking out your enemy's source of power. Their power source will greatly decrease and that leads to your victory.


Confuse Your Enemy To Attack Unexpectedly

Trouble The Water To Catch The Fish

Means that you have to confuse your enemy first by doing unusual, strange or unexpected things. That will distract your enemy and then you can attack with a surprise and that leads to victory.


Create An Illusion To Escape In Confusion

Shed Your Skin Like The Golden Cicada

Means that when you are being defeated and you only can escape, then you have to create an illusion to distract your enemy. While their are distracted and confused, you can escape secretly.


Close Thoroughly To Capture Completely

Bolt The Door To Catch The Thief

Means that when you want to capture or defeat your whole enemy, you first must prevent all opportunities for your enemy to escape and then you will be ensured you won't have any future dangers or chases. Now you can both capture or defeat all your enemies that leads to victory.


Befriend A Far Enemy To Win From One Nearby

Befriend A Distant Enemy To Attack One Nearby

Means that a nearby but less strong enemy is more a danger than a far but strong enemy. So you have to befriend your far enemy to attack your close enemy and that leads to victory.


Borrow From The Enemy To Win From Your Enemy

Borrow The Road To Conquer Guo

Means that you first have to borrow resources of an ally/enemy to win from an enemy. Then after that enemy is defeated you will use those same resources you lent before and attack it's owners. You will surprise the enemy and that leads to victory.



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