The 36 Strategies

Strategies for Desperate Situations


Use The Beauty To Discord The Enemy

The Strategy Of Beautiful Women

Means that you will send a beautiful woman to your enemy to cause discord between your enemies. Your male enemies will be distracted and the female enemies will be jealous. Now you can take advantage of this disordered situation by attacking and that leads to victory.


Act As Casually To Prevent Your Enemy

The Strategy Of Open City Gates

Means that when your enemy is too strong, is superior in numbers and can overrun you at any moment; you have to act as normally. When your enemy arrives and see how casual and unprepared you are, he will think you have something up to. Then your enemy won't risk and will retreat. That leads to a victorious escape.


Discord Your Enemy To Undermine His Ability

The Strategy Of Sowing Discord

Means that you will undermine your enemy's ability by causing discord between your enemy's friends, allies, family, soldiers, commanders, advisors and population. While your enemy is too busy with making up the conflicts, his ability to defend or to attack will greatly decrease. Then you will attack and that leads to victory.


Pretend Injured To Strike Surprised

The Strategy Of Injuring Yourself To Win The Enemy's Trust

Means that you will pretend you are injured by your enemy or another enemy. When your enemy really know and believe that, he will be relaxed. This is the time to attack by surprising your enemy and that leads to victory.


Combine Tactically To Create Superiority

The Tactic Of Combining Tactics

Means that you have to combine all possible tactics and to create one new and superior strategy. If one strategy fails, you can always fall back on your other strategies. On this way, you will look like you're superior and that leads to great victory.


When You Are Being Defeating, Command For Retreating

If All Else Fails Retreat

Means that if all your strategies and plans fails and it's obvious that you are losing; then commanding for retreat and regroup is the best option. When you are safe, you can always regroup and think another strategy or plan to revenge and finish the battle to gain victory at last.



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