The 36 Strategies

Strategies when in Superior Position


Act Visible, Think Invisible

Cross The Sea Under Camouflage

Means that you do things that people can see by revealing your actions, but you must hide your intentions. Then you can say things that only a certain people knows; so that you can attack in secret. Then you will be unpredictable and that leads to victory


Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness

Besiege Wei To Rescue Zhao

Means that you must avoid your enemy's strength when he's too strong, but attack it's weakness. You can win without wasting your power by useless attacks to your enemy. That leads to an easy victory.


Defend Direct, Attack Indirect

Kill With A Borrowed Sword

Means that you have to put much power in defending and also let the enemy knows that. The enemy will think you have all your forces in defending. Then you must also put some power in attacking; but it must be indirect; via somebody else. Then the enemy won't know that, so that you can attack with a surprise that leads to victory.


Weaken Your Enemy, Strengthen Your Army

Await The Exhausted Enemy At Your Ease

Means that you first must weaken your enemy by exhausting them via several quests. Then also build up your strength to get ready for an attack with much energy that leads to victory.


Disorder Your Enemy, Order Your Army

Loot A Burning House

Means that you have to disorder your enemy or wait for disordering by internal conflicts, diseases, corruption and crime. Also get all your troops together and organize them. Then this will be the right time to attack that leads to victory.


Surprise Your Enemy To Advantage Your Army

Clamor In The East, Attack In The West

Means that you have to surprise you enemy by attacking him where he least expects it. Your enemy will be greatly surprised and then you will gain a great advantage that leads to victory.



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