The 36 Strategies

Strategies for Gaining Ground


Disrupt Your Enemy To Attack Easily

Replace The Beams With Rotten Timbers

Means that you have to disrupt or change your enemy's formation, methods and rules. That will disorder your enemy by preventing their strong common links and then you can attack easily and that leads to victory


Say Something, But Mean Another Thing

Point At The Mulberry But Curse The Locust Tree

Means that you say things with OTHER meanings than you said. Then your enemy cannot detect your plans so that you can attack secretly and that leads to victory.


Lure Underestimating To Attack Surprising

Feign Madness But Keep Your Balance

Means that you will hide behind a mask that creates an illusion of a fool, a drunk or a madman. This causes your enemy will underestimate your ability. Then while your enemy will be overconfident; you can attack with a surprise that leads to victory.


Lure To The Weakly To Attack Easily

Lure Your Enemy Onto The Roof, Then Take Away The Ladder

Means that you will lure your enemy into a terrain where he will be weak. Then he must fight both his disadvantage AND your army. Then you can attack easily that leads to victory.


Disguise Your Army To Confuse Your Enemy

Tie Silk Blossoms To The Dead Tree

Means that you will disguise by making illusions or wonders. Then your enemy will be confused. You will attack and that leads to victory.


Attack The Inside To Defeat The Outside

Exchange The Role Of Guest For That Of Host

Means that you first have to explore and understand the internal camp of your enemy and then you can discover weakness. When the time is right, you can strike immediately at the source strength. If you give an critical attack to the inside, you will disorder and confuse the outside. Then your whole army can attack the outside and that leads to victory.



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